Our Solutions for Healthcare Industry

Development of Healthcare Industry requires a reliable Management Information System, easy to use and full with features to able to improve the Health Services. Today there are many IT Vendors either local or overseas offering Hospital Information System costing 20 thousand to 100 thousand USD. 

Since there are no single hospital having an identical business process those system need to be customized and it is often takes more the a year to do the implementation. Long Implementation time and heavy customization has scared most of the Hospital to replace their legacy system with a new one though what they have today may not be good enough to support the operational of the hospital.

We accept the challenges with the following solutions:

Mobile Applications

AFYA-Member (AFYA-M)

A mobile based application equipped with Provider/Doctor Directory for community to book Appointment, to receive News & Notification.

AFYA-Provider (AFYA-Pro)

A mobile based application for Provider to do Authentication ( to make sure that the visiting patient is eligible  Policy Holder or Employee of partner Insurance or Corporation) and facilities to access their individual Health Plan.

AFYA-Doctor (AFYA-D)

A mobile based application for Physician to do Computerized Order Entry (CPOE). System may be either connected into Hospital Local Server or Personal Cloud Server.

Web-based Applications

HEALTH Manage - Provider (HM-Pro)

A web-based application for Providers to do Authentication, Case Monitoring and Claim Verification. 

HEALTH Manage-Insurance (HM-Ins)

A web-based application for Insurance to manage Underwriting, Membership, Policy Set-up, BPJS Coordination of Benefit, Premium Collection, Authentication, Case Monitoring & Claim Verification.


A web-based application for Hospital/Clinics to manage their operation.  Hospital Manage is available in 2 versions ie :  HOM-LS connected into Local Server and  HOM-CS  connected into Cloud Server. 

Development Tools

The core of our company is team of developers with proficiency in a range of programming languages, database and networking. Our technologies expertise includes :

  • .Net, Asp.Net, C#, VB.Net, Web Services
  • MS SQL Server
  • Windows Server
  • UML, rational Rose
  • Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Technologies on Android

Cloud Computing

Nowadays implementation of Cloud Computing Technology has open a wide possibility for a collaborative Solution. All of Our Solution are based on Cloud Computing concept. The cloud enables the data center to operate like the Internet and computing resources to be accessed and shared as virtual resources in a secure and scalable manner.


Our team are trained to make fast implementation process deploying dedicated Project Management, which comes from long experience and deep knowledge of the Industry.